Apr 12, 2012

Get some green on a greener planet

So you’re good with numbers and you are all about getting a degree in business. But, hey, the company you want to work for needs to be environmentally friendly. Making the world a greener and healthier place is your thing. Well, if you are looking for that combination up in Washington, then Pacific Northwest National Laboratory could be the intern match for you.

The company has 2 business internships at its headquarters in Richland, WA. Both are paid. One is about working with business contracts  https://internbound.com/internship/2773/

The other is in finance and accounting https://internbound.com/internship/2774/

You have to do a bit of clicking thru, but follow the instructions at the top of the postings and it could be the paid summer internship you are looking for.

And……maybe your job when you graduate.

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