Apr 15, 2012

Intern at Dreamworks

If you are into movies and want to be part of one of the premier movie studios, then check out Dreamworks Productions for a summer internship.

The studio has 6 internships in the Bay Area most are for comp science majors who are upperclassmen or in a MS program. The jobs begin June 14 in Redwood City. They are full time and paid. We just posted them.

Go to the Silicon Valley Hub and choose Dreamworks (Redwood City).

In the LA Hub we just posted 12 Dreamworks internships, and they are looking for a wide range of students —from an editorial intern to R&D intern to IT intern and a lot more. These are all in Glendale, and they also start on June 14.

Definitely worth a look if you are into film and animation.

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